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The delivery conditions we discuss direct with our customers in verbal or written form.  Our special service for our customers:
  • Machinery service and reconditioning
  • Worldwide delivery in short time & loyal prices
  • Customs service in Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine & Kazachstan.
Many of our foreign customers work on a project basis. They are looking for “ready to work” package equipment. We have two options for this:
1. Our specialist are commit to collect the whole package within a previously determined period and adjust according to/provide with all customer-specific requirements. Then we deliver the entire package at a port determined by the customer on a previously established date. To enable the customer to budget in an optimal manner we offer the possibility to provide a previously guaranteed exchange price for the delivered package of equipment.
2. We are closely in touch with our customer and try to conjointly find the right equipment for the job which we will then deliver according to the customer specification.
“ ALTCON Equipment”
special offers for our customers.


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ALTCON-Mietpark GmbH
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